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For several years, Harlow Chorus has maintained a development choir with the purpose of preparing singers who need to brush up their skills prior to taking the audition to join the main Chorus.

Initially called Harlow Chorus Academy, the group was rebranded as Harlow Chorus Training Choir in 2015.

However, from the beginning of 2017, Harlow Chorus Training Choir will be disbanded and an independent group called Harlow Singers will form. Harlow Singers is to be self-supported and non-auditioned, but will continue to pursue a score-based programme with a strong emphasis on development of musical skills. The group will maintain close links with Harlow Chorus. Members of Harlow Singers who feel in need of a greater musical challenge will be encouraged to audition for Harlow Chorus.

Those wishing to use the Harlow Singers as a way of brushing up their skills in preparation for an audition to join Harlow Chorus are welcome to do so.

For more information, check the Harlow Singers website


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